Sunday, December 3, 2017

Back in Baja

Another winter season in Baja. Our time here in always great. Ken in fishing and I spent hours on the water kayaking...I won't bore you with more, but please indulge me a few photos.

Yup, that's where we are!

The cupulla at Loreto Mission.

Heather does a little logging, Baja beach style.

Pargo are very tasty, fried, baked or in tacos.



Mexican patella cactus fruit

Ken's all ready to forage for the delicious and (we are sure) healthy patella fruit. Armed with his "picker" made from a long handled wash brush with a trouble-light basket attached to the end (those thorns can be nasty and he has to remove them from the cactus somehow). Long sleeves and boots are a necessity  when he heads out into the bush.

Cactus fruit with the thorns attached, the way they look when they first are picked from the plant. The thorns are carefully removed after which the fruit can be peeled and kept ready to eat, in the fridge. We eat these delicious fruit, which taste like a cross between a strawberry, kiwi and...maybe...watermelon, plain, on cereal for breakfast and they make a very interesting daiquiri.

Part of our healthy lifestyle here in Baja!



Friday, May 26, 2017

Time to go

Here we go...Europe.  Gone but the blog is not forgotten.  You will be able to follow us on 


Suzuki V Strom 1000, our ride for Europe

Monday, May 8, 2017

It's a Long Way Home

Home in B.C. At last (actually we've been here for a while) and the trip home was as we like it, uneventful!

We motorcycle mamas have to stick together.  One of our great stops along the road was for pizza at Indian Springs, home of the US military drones, where we slept behind the Oasis restaurant.

Some long straight roads in Nevada.

A wetter year than normal left the roadside lined with wildflowers...

And a little fog!

Glad to be home but the weather has left us longing for a little sun and warmth of the Baja.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bahia de Los Angeles

The rig with the Bay of LA in the background.  After a short stay last year we decided to come back and spend a little more time this year.  We left before Semana Santas, Easter, when the beaches fill up all over Baja.

Sun sets on the islands as viewed at happy hour from our camp at La Gringa.

La Gringa is a marine park 9 km north of the town of Bay of LA, only 2 of those km were gravel and not  that bad a road at that.

The desert heading north was very colourful due to all the rain this year.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Leaving Life on the Beach

Can one really have too much sea, sun and sand?  I think not, but with that being said we are slowly storing our toys back into the trailer and preparing ourselves mentally (and physically) for our return trip to Canada.  It is always hard to leave the beach but with all the news we have been hearing about a long, cold and snowy winter at home  we are dragging our feet even more than usual.

This winter went way too fast, a few small trips on the bikes, lots of water sports a big birthday (Ken's 60th) and before you know it our months down here are gone.  Every winter down here has been a good one...what can I say?  Life is amazing on the beach when Ken and I can spend time together and with great friends.

A SUNDOG over the candlerias south of Danzante Island

A carpet of flowers in bloom line the road to San Juanico on the Pacific side, north of Lopez Mateos.

Been there before but the view overlooking La Parisima.

It pays to get up early.  The sunrise over Danzante from the middle of the strait is amazingly calm and a great way to start the day.

Rock crabs climbing on the lava rocks, close to their moulting period. 

We had the biggest storm we have ever seen in Baja this year.  Winds got up to130 kph, stuff was flying everywhere.  Most of us at the beach got off easy but palapas in nearby Juncalito village had roofs and walls flying.  The storm was short lived at 2 or 3 hours but it was very exciting, to say the least.

Thru the clear, clear water on Monserrate Island you have a great view of the stones and corral below.  Doug and Mary Tracy took us (and Al, Val, Sue and John) to the island that Ken and I had never been too before, just a little to far the Zodiac and for me to paddle.

On the way back to Puerto Escondito we saw a few whales.  There was not as many whales this year but it was always exciting to see them.

The Playa Grande Resort in Cabo San Lucas, wow!  Jay and Diane have a timeshare and were gracious enough to treat us to a couple nights stay with them.  Sooo nice.

That's us life on the beach at Lands End!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings to friends and family in the 'Great White North' and beyond!
From the warm and balmy Baja!